Allied Alloys was founded in 2006 and is a leader in processing steel, stainless, and nickel alloys melt stock for the foundry industry. With hopes to even further develop their international business to include ferrous, non-ferrous and secondary reusable metals, Allied Alloys was approached by another Houston based scrap metal company, Titan Metals Corporation, in 2008. Titan Metals Corporation was founded in 2001 and emerged as an industry leader because of its direct trading relationships with India, Pakistan, and other Far East markets. On May 28, 2009, Allied Alloys and Titan Metals Corporation officially created their joint partnership to create the Allied Alloys of today. The combined experience, expertise and relationships represented by the component companies has created a perfect blend of extensive relationships and a capacity to move large volumes of metal on a global scale. Allied Alloys provides their buyers and suppliers with strong pricing, proven material, and solid customer service. Our unique process for valuing components delivers true value for sellers and buyers.